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The Settlers Online

Help and support

Technical FAQ back

Contact Support


Please Contact Support and fill out the contact form and click send. A representative will get back to you within 48 hours.

Flash plugin not recognised

The latest versions of Chrome and Edge allow Flash contents only to be started after explicitly allowed to. Our website cannot recognise this "Click to play" setting. It assumes you've got an old Flash version installed and asks to update it. 

Google Chrome, Adobe Flash, Edge

If you click on the installation link, Chrome and Edge ask if the website shall be allowed to execute Flash. Confirm this and everything will work just fine. We put together a FAQ on the forum that will guide you through the process in more detail.

I can only see a blank page instead of the game. Why is this?


In most cases this problem only occurs if a Ubisoft game has been used incorrectly in the past. In other cases, NoScript plugins account for the fact that you are seeing a blank site.

Update your computer


Before contacting support about technical issues. Please update your computers drivers.


Nvidia Driver Updates

ATI Driver Updates

Intel Driver Updates

Apple Driver Updates

DirectX Drivers

Microsoft Windows Updates


Where can I report errors or game bugs?


You can report bugs and errors on our forum.

If you require technical support or have other questions you can always Contact Support.

Where can I update my flash player?

This is the European English version of The Settlers Online.

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