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The Settlers Online

Help and support

Game FAQ back

Am I completely alone on my island?


Yes, you are indeed quite alone on your island apart from a few bandit camps that have occupied the land and will want to stop you from extending your influence. But don’t worry; no one will attack you in your settlement. The start island is your “safe haven” in the world of The Settlers Online.

Are there special commands that I can use in the chat?


There are numerous commands, and you can learn more about them by entering them in the chat/help. Here is a short list of the most important commands:

• /help = displays all the available commands


• /joinchat global-X  (where X= channel number) = changes the global chat channel

Click here to see the full channel list.


• /w username space = opens a whisper channel


• /ignoreadd username = places a user on the Ignore list


User XY is disrupting the chat and for this reason you would like to place him on your Ignore list?

To ignore his comments, the command should look like this: /ignoreadd userXY


• /ignoreremove username = removes a user from the Ignore list


You have reconciled with user XY via ingame mail (players on your ignore list can still send you mails unless you block them from your mailbox) and would now like to remove them from the Ignore list?

In this case, the command will look like this: /ignoreremove XY


• /report username reason = reports a user who is violating the rules


User XY is violating the rules by circulating spam messages in the chat and you would like to do something about it?

If you want to report the user to the administrators, the command in the chat should look like this: /report XY circulating spam in the chat


Contact Support


Please Contact Support and fill out the contact form and click send. A representative will get back to you within 48 hours.

Do I obtain additional settlers at fixed intervals?


You receive a new settler every 15 minutes provided you have enough living space available. To increase the limit, you can build additional residences or upgrade existing ones. You can see how high the current limit is in the status bar at the top of the screen.

Do the settlers continue working when I am not online?


Yes, your settlers continue working without you for at least as long as there is enough space in your storage for the raw materials and the deposits are not exhausted.

However, production will come to a halt after 24h of not logging in.

Help! What's this game all about?


Make sure to follow the Tutorial to learn the basics of the game (click on the parchment with the "!" beside your avatar) or check our forum for guides created by our helpful community!

How can I add other users to my friends list?


To add someone to your friends list, please click the name of the other player in the chat and then click “Add friend”. Alternatively you can also click “Add friend” in your friends list and enter the relevant name there. Once you have sent the request, your friend will receive a message in the game which he/she must validate. They will then appear in your friends list shortly afterwards.

How can I found a guild?


The option to found a guild and to build the relevant guild house will be unlocked from level 17.


You can found your own guild as follows:


1. Build the Guild House.

2. Click the crest icon in the menu bar.

3. Click “Found guild”.

4. Enter the name, guild tag and (if required) additional information.

5. Confirm your input.


Congratulations! You have now founded your first guild and can now administer it by clicking the crest icon..




How do I capture a sector?


You can capture an enemy sector by defeating the bandit leader camp of that sector and building a storehouse in it.

How do I obtain building licences?


You can obtain building licences either by purchasing the relevant pack from the Merchant or by defeating one of the bandit leader camps on your home island.

How do I quit the game?


You can quit the game by closing your browser window or browser tab to avoid being logged out. However, to be on the safe side, you can simply click the “Quit game” button in the Options menu and then press the “Log out” button to log out and return to the homepage.

How do I save my game progress?


The Settlers Online is a new generation browser game, i.e. it automatically saves the game for you.

How do I write in the chat?


You simply click on the empty line in the chat and write your message. When you have finished writing, press Enter to send your message.

I have captured a sector, but the boundary stones are still there.


The boundary stones remain where they are, but change color once you have captured the relevant sector to indicate that it now belongs to you.

I have cut down all my trees, but am unable to build there. Is this a bug?


No, this is not a bug, but as wood is particularly important in the game, we want to ensure that you don’t cut down too much wood and then have nothing left to work.

I have freed a sector, but I have received no building licences!


Building licenses are basically sent via “loot mail”, i.e. you receive these as an in-game message and you must accept them before they are credited to you. They will then appear in the Star menu.

My mine has disappeared!


Once mines are exhausted they become unstable and collapse. Your geologist can however look for new seams (which of course will take up valuable time).

My resources are running out! Do I have to buy them or grow them?


Don’t worry; all resources grow back and you can always discover new deposits such as stone, etc.; the same applies to the seams of various mines.

Oh no! I have overfished and now have no fish left!


You can manufacture fish food in the provision house and build your fish stocks up again. You then simply apply it to the fishing grounds to replenish them.

The game is too slow for me; is there a way of speeding the game up?


No, the game speed cannot be increased as it is set in real time: 1 day = 24 hours.

However, there are plenty of game features that can be used to speed up production, increase specialist speed etc.

Follow the game tutorial to discover them all.

The roads look cool, but none of the settlers seem to use them.


The roads are for decoration only at present, and have no effect on your production or settlers.

What are the abbreviations in the chat?


Our players use numerous abbreviations in the chat and this can make things confusing for new players (especially in the Trade tab).

A useful guide to Trade abbreviations can be found here, but, as new items and features get implemented into the game, new abbreviations are made up and used.

When can I start trading with other players?


You will need the Trade Office building to trade, and this will unlock when you reach level 12 along with the relevant Trade tab (that you can use to insert trades).

Where can I find the content of the loot mails I have accepted?


You will find any loot you have acquired and accepted after a successful battle against a bandit camp in the Star menu.

Who are the users writing in blue and yellow in chat?


You will come across users in the chat who write in blue with the abbreviation BB_ in front of their username; this indicates an administrator, i.e. an employee of Blue Byte or Ubisoft.

The administrators you will usually encounter in our chats are the Game Master (currently BB_Aguton) and the Community Manager (currently BB_Ravel).


The users writing in yellow with the abbreviation MOD_ in front of the username are chat moderators. They are volunteer players who help uphold the game rules. We are constantly accepting applications for this position.


Why should I add other players to my friends list?


Anyone on your friends list can visit you, trade with you, or help you with gifts or other kinds of assistance.

This is the European English version of The Settlers Online.

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