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The Settlers Online

Help and support

Game cards FAQ back

How can I use my “The Settlers Online” game card?


Register at http://www.thesettlersonline.com/en
Click on Voucher in the main menu and enter your code. The gems will be credited in the game.

I accidentally removed or scratched the activation code.


If you have accidentally scratched your activation code or if it is unreadable for any other reason, please have a copy of your game card and the receipt ready and turn to: http://www.thesettlersonline.com/en/help-and-support

I received a message saying that my code is inactive.


If you still cannot use your game card after double checking the code, you should return the card with the receipt to the retailer where you originally purchased it.

I received an error message after entering the code.


If an error message appears after you have entered the activation code, it normally means that at least one of the characters you entered is incorrect.

If your code does not work, please check the number carefully to make sure that it has been entered exactly as it appears on the card. Read your game card carefully. If you still cannot use the code on your “The Settlers Online” card after double checking the number, please contact our customer service at: http://www.thesettlersonline.com/en/help-and-support
Please provide the serial number printed on the reverse side of your card.

Should I buy a “The Settlers Online” game card with an exposed code?


No. Do not buy a game card for “The Settlers Online” if the code has already been exposed.

The activation code should not be visible or exposed at the time of purchase. If the activation code has already been scratched and exposed, please give the game card to a customer service representative at the retailer so it can be destroyed.

It is important that you keep both your receipt and your game card until the code has been used successfully.

What can I buy with a “The Settlers Online” game card?


The code on the game card is used to unlock gems. You can trade these in the game for valuable objects that will help you expand your settlements or improve your cities.

This is the European English version of The Settlers Online.

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